Children’s Village solar is refurbished

The Delegation of German Industry and Commerce (AHK) recently unveiled a refurbished solar power plant at the SOS Children’s Village in Mombasa. The facility was...

MILESTONE: Kariuki Ngari


How Africa Code Week 2018 equipped young Africans with digital skills

Africa Code Week (ACW) 2018 exceeded all expectations by empowering 2.3 million youth across 37 countries with digital and coding skills - compared to...

A wake-up call: Why social entrepreneu-rship could be the saving grace

When the Global Steering Group for impact investment, popular as GSG, convened its first dialogue in Kenya, social entrepreneurship seemed to be on everyone’s...



Give the economy a break

BY KIPRONO KITTONY The World Bank has projected Kenya’s economy to hit 6.02% in 2019 from 5.48% in 2018. This positive outlook could however be...

Warehouse Receipt System; Kenya’s magic wand for food security

By DAVID ONJILI Kenya, like the rest of Africa is not spared from the inefficiency of the agricultural market whose defining feature is high distribution...

The world welcomes Cryptocurrency ETFs

BY ANTONY MUTUNGA Over the last decade, cryptocurrencies have become quite popular around the globe, no longer are they only for the tech-insiders as now...


Is 2019 the year that will unveil Kenya’s property market recession?

BY KOSTA KIOLEOGLOU Real estate is usually considered as a safe investment haven that offers capital security and guaranteed profits. This misguided view has led...




Dennis Oliech: a re-birth?