Firm launches new binding tech

XRX Technologies a local firm specializing in technology solutions to corporate organizations has ventured deeper into the document management business with the unveiling of a new binding machine.


Known as Unibind, it is a document binding machine that comes with specially manufactured covers featuring glued metallic strip that is heated to stick the papers together.

XRX Technologies Managing Director Lucy Njoroge says the Unibind machine is a response to a growing need for more presentable and easy to amend document covers. “Many organizations have realized that the traditional nature of binding documents is prone to loss of some pages from the binds, thus reducing their competitive edge in obtaining contracts,” she explained.

According to her, the level of tendering for businesses had increased exponentially as county governments also sought for service providers. One of the biggest challenges that bidders had often cited was loss of some pages, or destruction of their bid documents thus recuding their chances of winning contracts.

“Unibind thermal binding technology comes with special glue that is heated by the machine to set in the papers making up the bid submissions which are often voluminous. In addition, if a page is inadvertently omitted, it is easy to take the documents back to the machine, heat the papers and insert the omitted page in less than one minute,” she said adding that in a tender situation, time is usually of essence since the deadlines are very strict.

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