Men are a stubborn bunch when it comes to fashion. Keeping up with fashion is never high up a man’s priority. Has it ever crossed your mind that maybe the reason you have been in endless chains of friendzone was because of your wardrobe? Okay this might not be a fact but your clothes also play a major role in attracting the right people and opportunities in your life.

We do not wish for your wardrobe to be awash with all types of clothes and colors, a man’s wardrobe should be super simple and direct. All a woman wants is for the men in their lives to give a little more attention to what they wear and avoid the following five major fashion Mistakes.

Square shaped shoes
This definitely had to be number one on the list. These oddly shaped shoes are awkward and distracting. They can make a million dollar suit look like you got it from a buy-one-get-twenty-free sale. Stick to the round-toed and more attractive shoes. Sharp pointed shoes should not be an option either, go for chisel toed shoes that look more natural and refined.

Baggy pants
These pants make you look heavier and shorter than you really are. If your body makes it hard to find the perfect fit, make your tailor your best friend. And while at it, make sure the pants are long enough but again not too long to puddle over your shoes.

Studded big buckled belts
Nothing says ‘I’m a thug’ more than bedazzled accessories. Simple leather belts are just enough for a professional look and embroidered or printed straps for the casual look.

Multiple rings and necklaces
This might seem to work for rap artists and well, some politicians but it will certainly not work for you. It is not cool to display wealth on the hand. All the jewelry a man needs is a watch that will match different outfits and a ring if he is married. Limit yourself to not more than three jewelry pieces per outfit. Clever accessories is key to the success of any outfit

Too much Cologne
Too much perfume is not only a turnoff but can also give allergic reactions to some people. If a lady can smell your cologne from a distance, she will have no reason to come close to you, but if she can only smell it when close, she will have more reason to stay close. Do not be the guy who takes the phrase ‘Signature scent’ a bit too far.

Okay gentlemen, your fashion mistakes are endless but the list above is unforgivable and should never have a place in any adult males wardrobe. We know you can do it!

writer works at Jumiamarket