Getting rid of that growing hair


Everything on and in our bodies has its role, hair and nails included, dead as they may be.  When it comes to hair, it has long been debated on whether or not it should be removed. Whatever reservations one holds, it is entirely a personal choice what one does with their hair. 

Often times, people trim or cut their hair for aesthetic reasons and also for comfort. For instance, a lady spotting facial hair along her top lip may want to shave it off so it does not look like a moustache. 

There are different methods of hair removal from head to toe and in between them. Whatever method works for one may not necessarily work for another and therefore it is up to one to experiment with different methods and find what works best for them. I will mention a few methods of hair removal to choose from and where best they are suited and also some that should be avoided due to their drastic impact on the area applied on. 

Shaving: This is by far the most common method, inexpensive and the easiest to use. It involves the use of a razor, shaving cream or oil depending on the location and works by cutting the hair at skin level.  On the plus side, it is as mentioned above, affordable and easy, on the other hand, one may suffer razor burn especially in instances where a blunt razor is used in grown hair as well as the fact that since the hair is cut at skin level it quickly grows back

Waxing: Waxing is the next most common method. It involves the application of wax, usually warm on the area and then using a piece of cloth or paper to rip the hair out at a go. The hair is pulled from the roots meaning it grows back slower and thinner. It is suitable for intimate areas as well. It is fairly painful but with consequent hair removal, the hair grows thinner therefore less painful to remove. It is also not as cheap as shaving. It should not be used if one is on retinol otherwise they risk ripping a layer of skin off in the process

Sugaring: As the name suggests, a sugar-based gel or paste usually with lemon juice and water is used. It is applied on the area and depending on the type, it is peeled off after it dries, against or in the direction of hair growth. It is similar to waxing except maybe less painful. It is also easy to make it at home and do it yourself. It is also suitable for whatever area requires hair removal. Like waxing, it should not be used while on retinol or retinoid. Since it is also ripping the hair from its root. 

Depilatory creams: These hair removal creams work by breaking down or dissolving hair making it easy to simply wash away. They should be used carefully. It is important to read the instructions and ingredients well as some people may be allergic to the chemicals contained therein. It is also important not to mix them up by using a cream for one area on another. Leaving them on for longer than instructed will cause burns. It is always advisable to apply a little on a small patch of skin to test for allergic reactions at least 24 hours before use.  

To be continued…

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