Brainwave Communications limited, an integrated marketing and communications agency based in Nairobi, recently appointed Martin Dias as its new board chairman, a move that promises to turn around the relatively quiet agency.

A company should look for good corporate leadership. The strong leadership at the top is an assurance that a smooth journey lies ahead. With immense experience in banking and finance, Mr Dias will address, guide and advice the executive leadership team on corporate business strategic plan, governance, financial advisory, new business development as well as business management.

Mr Dias is also carving his own niche in real estate industry. He is the founder and group chief executive of FAPCL Group, a property and investments agency that focuses on the upper end, which is a niche market with a lot of demand.

He says that Brainwave needed to inject new blood on a number of areas given that tough economic times leads to a need of top executive who can lift earnings. The economy is currently slow and a majority of companies especially the tiny players are feeling the pinch so much that if a high growth player fails to strengthen its board through the addition of an experienced individual, it clearly becomes hard to sustain growth.

Running a business these days is tough. What has improved from January to now? Where are businesses going? Or, just to be precise, will legitimate businesses payoff? How many ventures are growing?

Currently, there is little (or no) money in circulation, so it seems. All types of businesses, whether it is real estate, leisure and travel or service industry, are starting to realise that the future is bleak.

“I believe there is a way out,” he says. “Cut out expenses and increase your income… Right now I’m confident. The future of advertising is immense. All businesses require advertising. Without spending money on advertising or marketing, how do you establish your brand?”   

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