Literacy on donkey meat is very crucial

I am a frequent reader of your magazine. It’s always available to me through the Nakumatt Supermarket in Eldoret town. I am particularly interested in the story (Which way donkey meat). I own a donkey which has proved to be very helpful in offering transport services within my village and adjacent market centres. The traditional role of the donkey in all the communities worldwide has been the beast of burden. But it’s indeed surprising that Kenyans want to reverse this norm. Why don’t we leave this beast of burden alone lest it will be extinct? There is already enough cows, sheep, goat, chicken, rabbit and quail to feed on. Soon in the known areas of cattle rustling will start experiencing a new wave of insecurity in the name of “donkey” rustling. –  Gerald Ager, Nairobi.


Why we need to learn the right values  

I read Andrew Rugasira’s story (Big visions demand, big sacrifices) and got encouraged. He will be best known for building a brand that is loved by the farming community. I like the way he is impacting on the community. These days it’s not easy to find business men who share profits 50/50, business owners always eat more. I’m one person who believes that big visions demand big sacrifices. May you continue doing that awesome work of telling interesting stories of entrepreneurs. We need such innovative ideas. – Yusuf Abdi, Mombasa.

Where is the cover story?

I was introduced to your magazine last month (March issue) by the cover story “Hi-Tech cons attack banks”. This is a true life experience for most Kenyans. Most banks have refused to take responsibility of making refunds to victims of this scum. Now this current issue (April) too attracted me by this unique cover story of “Online Forex  Dream, CBK stranded as Kenyans rake millions via internet money trading”,  but to my surprise, I’m yet to find the story from the first page up to the last page… I am just wondering where the story is or if this was a marketing gimmick. This story is of great interest to me and the many readers I had initially shared the magazine with. I have gone further to your website but still the story is missing. What really happened or is it to appear in the May issue? – Cecil Litala, Uasin Gishu

Pertinent move by the president

There are more pressing issues in the country right now but I believe the president’s pay cut can go a long way. To me, the move is bold enough we just need to know the exact figure and how it will benefit the common ‘mwananchi’. I thank the writer for educating us. – Wavua Jamta

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