Nicholas Nesbit

Nicholas Nesbit

Nicholas Nesbit is the new Chair of the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA. He is also the country general manager of IBM East Africa.

Not new to KEPSA, the renowned engineer takes over as Chair from Dennis Awori, the current Chairman of Toyota East Africa, who served for the last two years. Before becoming the general manager of IBM, Mr Nesbitt founded KenCall Outsourcing, the first call center in East Africa, and acted as its CEO. Prior to this he had also helped found a consultancy firm called MarketRace, LLC. He also held the position of vice president at Qwest Communications Inc. He served as director of channel strategy at Rhythms NetConnections, US WEST Communications and Square D. He was also an associate at The Boston Consulting Group.

His predecessor has left him the task of ensuring that the important Public Private Dialogue platforms, which include Speakers Roundtable, Presidential Roundtable (PRT), Ministerial Stakeholders Forums (MSFs), that are spearheaded by KEPSA run smoothly on behalf of their members. Further, it will not be a walk in the park especially going by the fact that the umbrella body boasts of over 100,000 direct and indirect members. But with his impressive background – being a holder of an MBA from Stanford University, Masters in electrical engineering and Bachelor of Arts in Engineering Sciences from Dartmouth College – people familiar with the private sector believe he will be successful in his new position.

His expertise and extensive leadership experience are expected to truly bring together the business community.