SIDEBAR, The Bucks

Among the leading marathons in Kenya include the Kass marathon which has a pay package of Sh1.5 million for the winner while the first runner up pockets Ksh1million and the second runner up Sh750,000.


The Standard Chartered Marathon pays Sh1million to the winner but we were not able to confirm the amount paid to the first runner up and the second runner up. The two marathon organisers only pay the first three or podium finishers. 

The Family Bank Marathon has a package of Sh350,000 for the winner, Sh200,000 for the second-placed and Sh100,000 to the second runner up. Unlike the first two marathons we have named above, Family Bank pays up to the tenth finisher.

The Bank of America Boston Marathon popularly referred to as the Boston Marathon and the Virgin London Marathon known as London Marathon are reputed as the best paying. Recently, Athletics Kenya chairman Isaiah Kiplagat while speaking at the First Lady’s marathon in Nairobi hinted that the winner pockets Sh20million.

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