There is nothing to celebrate about contraception


African Organization for Families has decried the effects of contraceptives, saying it has resulted in massive population control, Eugenics, Abortions and free sex culture.

Instead of teaching chastity before and after marriage, the organization said, the society has resorted to contraceptives to control births and “space children” adding that this has created a permissive sexual culture where anyone can have sex anywhere with whoever and at any time, most of which is fornication and adultery.

Contraceptives are artificial agents that were invented in the 1960’s to help in population control. The world celebrates contraception every September 26 and African Organisation for Families whose mission is to defend natural families, marriage, human dignity and children across Africa says this is unfortunate.

According to the organization, the Contraceptive Culture has given birth to a huge industry where perpetrators are earning millions from the artificial agents whose effects are irreversible. It is unfortunate, the group says, that those that promote contraceptives will never tell users about their side effects. “Contraceptives are mostly abortifacients and carcinogens whose effects on a woman body is very destructive, they are a woman’s enemy and a woman friendly society will never promote them,” they said adding that instead of celebrating “the mass population destruction agents, the United Nations and World Organisations Should scrap the World Contraception Day and replace it with World Chastity Day. There are better ways of spacing children in a marriage; contraceptives should thus be banned worldwide!”