UAP Old Mutual bets on wellness mobile app

The UAP Old Mutual Group has launched a wellness program which is geared at making the lifestyle of an individual better and healthier. Centred around three key pillars: knowing your health, improving your health and getting rewarded, the program will be supported by an application (App) called Go Plus which can be downloaded on the Google Play Store and App Store.

The three objectives are catered towards helping customers live healthier as they incorporate various activities in their daily lives. The activities include going for regular check-ups, forming a community using Go Plus and engaging in various health activities like hiking, running cycling among others and earning points which can be redeemed via; going for a holiday with a selected partner, gym membership with a gym in the UAP Old Mutual Group panel and UAP Old Mutual Products.

“We value our customers’ well-being and their feedback is paramount to us; that is why we came up with this solution that will help them keep track of their health on the go”, said David Kuria, insurance business managing director. 

The wellness program is among other digital solutions the company has come up with to meet their customers’ needs. Employer and family members are generally passive in medical schemes and only get involved when they are sick. This program will now bring in the beneficiary to be actively involved, and enable customers to interact with their medical scheme directly. 

“We are very conscious of the digital shift globally in regard to financial services and other various offerings. Go Plus is one of our digital innovations that is aimed at helping our customers live a healthier lifestyle. We believe that this will go a long way in improving and helping our customers take control of their lives,” said the Group COO Isaac Nzioka.

According to Dr Rhoda Jura, who is a medical director and founder of Amber Medical Centre, we have come to this point where we need a tool to keep check of health. A majority of Nairobians, for example cannot naturally get fit thanks to jobs where individuals are seated most of the time. In villages, people go out to fetch water or even firewood, and that seems to be a perfect way to live healthy. For this reason, she said, corporates should cultivate a culture of wellness in the workplace – the tool will not take you to the track but it will give you the insights. 

“The essence of a wellness program is to promote a healthier and happier life. Wellness should be achieved in all areas of one’s life even at work where one spends 60% of their day,” she said.

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