Vintage is more than just ‘used’ Clothes!

Fabrics today fall apart, it is often cheaper and easier to replace than it is to repair.



If the thought of vintage clothes gives you visions of a seated grandma knitting, you need to loosen up a little. Vintage is beautiful and timeless. It comes with a hint of permanence, class, and another wearer.
Here are the reasons why you should invest your hard earned cash on vintage.

Unmatched Quality
There is no comparison between today’s fashion and vintage. Vintage clothes were created with heightened attention, which included more handwork, better fabrics and maximum focus on detail, including generous hems and exquisitely crafted buttons.

They don’t make things like they used to! Vintage was never mass-produced. There is no worse feeling as walking into a room to find another person wearing the exact same outfit as you. When you wear a vintage piece you are sure and confident that you will stand out and not get caught up in this kind of social misfortune. If you are looking to engrave your personality on your clothing and set yourself apart from the crowd, then you need to embrace vintage.

A bit of Nostalgia
There is something sentimental about vintage, something about wearing a piece that has already lived a life. What better than knowing that that vintage dress you own has seen good times and bad times but came through stylish, beautiful and in good condition?

Vintage is money well spent, you buy a piece, and it takes you a lifetime! If you are wearing vintage then you are wearing a piece of art. If you buy a good quality vintage piece, you are guaranteed that in the future, like wine, it will gain more value. Clothes today fall apart, it is often cheaper and easier to replace than it is to repair.

Your search for vintage could begin at home. Raid everyone’s closet if you can, this might just be your best source and a great way to connect to your family history. There is a reason why designers are turning to the past for inspiration. Never think vintage as old because the world of fashion is a circle where everything that is old becomes new again. So if you are wearing vintage, you are far ahead of the pack! Rock on!
writer works at Jumiamarket