5 Rules to Get Your Suit Right!

BY TERRY MWANGI When you think of a gentleman, the first thing that comes to mind is definitely a good mannered man with a suit. While good manners are important, the overall look is very crucial because people judge you by appearance. So to play the gentleman part, you must look the part. Here are the 5 rules to make you look sharp Shirt & Tie When it comes to shirts, be sure to know the different collars. The type of collar will guide on what kind of tie the suit needs.  If you cannot be able to button the top button of your shirt without choking, then you definitely need a new shirt. The tie should always be of a reasonable size and darker than the shirt. The length of the tie should never go below the belt buckle or be shorter. Avoid mixing identical patterns, pair large patterns with smaller ones to look neat. It is important to learn the art of rolling sleeves neatly for the get-thing-done look. The Jacket This is the first thing that people notice when you are wearing a suit so make sure you have it right. The first thing to note about the jacket is that double vents (the slits at the back) are more modern than the single vents. While most people prefer slim fit, the jacket should give you enough allowance not to pull across the chest while buttoned. Always button the top button of the jacket when standing to give you a slim fit and make sure that the second button from the bottom is just above the belly button. The sleeves should cover your wrist bone when your arms are on your side and should be an inch shorter than the shirt. The material should be light, one you can wear all year round and take to the dry cleaners once a fortnight. Pants Loose hanging pants should be illegal, gentlemen! The trousers should just have a slight crunch at the hem where it touches the shoes. The socks should be long enough not to expose your skin when you are seated Shoes It is totally impossible to be well dressed with cheap shoes. Always invest in a good pair. The colour should always match your belt and your leather straps if you are wearing a watch No matter who you are or how you like to dress, there will be times where you will need a suit. Whatever your reasons, it will not work unless its done right. You do not have to take it too seriously; once in a while you can add on hints of swag like a lapel or a scarf. Rock on gentlemen!

Writer is Communications Manager at Jumia

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