AI & Medicine: Radio station helps surgeons operate more efficiently


Surgical teams will now rely on a new tool to help them improve accuracy and efficiency in the operating room thanks to Lifesaving Radio, an artificial-intelligence-powered healthcare radio station.
The NextMed Health technology features over 30 hours of music clinically suited for peak surgical performance, and will allow surgical teams to receive custom-curated operating room playlists and personalized shout-outs and commentary from DJ AI Angus by simply typing away their names, hospital/facility, and procedure on Lifesaving Radio online portal after signing into Spotify premium account.

The radio station streams the new rock band AC/DC-inspired album dubber “Highway to Heal”, featuring songs like “you sewed me all night long”, “back is cracked”, and “it’s a short stop at the doc” popular as “if you wanna chop a mole”.

“We’re excited to bring the high energy of this evidenced-based music to ORs around the world through Spotify,” said NextMed Health founder and chair Daniel Kraft. “Surgical teams are relied upon and known for their orchestration, timing, and harmonization in the OR. Now, with the help of Lifesaving Radio and artificial intelligence, their playlists can be personalized to help them achieve individual and team flow state, ultimately improving outcomes for patients.”

AI radio is the latest cutting-edge effort to bring the worlds of music and AI together. In February, Spotify announced the launch of an AI DJ guide that builds playlists based on listeners’ individual musical preferences.

In comparison, Lifesaving Radio pairs Spotify’s industry-leading music analytics with DJ AI Angus’ AI-powered commentary to create a one-of-a-kind listening experience specifically catered to surgical performance.

Klick Health developed the medicine-meets-music concept for NextMed Health, using its creative, technology, and data science expertise to bring Lifesaving Radio and Highway to Heal to life.
The team leveraged Spotify Analytics to analyze millions of song metrics (including BPM, key, camelot, loudness, energy, valence, stability, and “speechiness”) to identify music clinically suited for peak surgical performance.

Klick also reimagined 11 AC/DC hits for different surgical disciplines and produced the Highway to Heal album.

The music is performed by some AC/DC tribute musicians, including Chile’s Ivan Gac and Albany, N.Y.-based Michael Vincent on vocals–hitting every unmistakable falsetto to perfection, while Sarasota, Florida’s Fil Olivieri recreates every face-melting riff on guitar.

A lifelong AC/DC fan and founder of SoloDallas, Olivieri makes guitar technology that gives artists like AC/DC, Guns ‘N Roses, and Metallica their unmistakable sounds.

“Contributing to Lifesaving Radio and Highway to Heal has truly been a project of a lifetime,” said Olivieri. “What I love about AC/DC’s music is the rhythmic, physical, and intellectual energy and I’m excited that surgeons can now breathe in that energy to ultimately help heal others.”

The high-fidelity album and AI radio station were previewed in March to hundreds of clinicians, scientists, patients, and public health experts at NextMed Health.

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