CourierPlus Logistics plans to be part of East Africa

CourierPlus Logistics, one of the continent’s best logistics and distribution services company, recently opened up shop in Kenya with the aim of helping its customers compete in the market through revitalizing their businesses. Operating globally, the company brings with it expertise, experience and competency that are helpful to different clients in their respective fields. For instance, the company targets clients from sectors like government, financial services, telecommunications as well as manufacturing. Mr Tokunbo Talabi, Courierplus Africa President, says, “Courierplus, as a Pan African company, understands that most countries are predominantly net importers and as such we endeavor to offer solutions to importers from various parts of the continent. As most African economies focus on growth, there are tremendous opportunities for export especially for SMEs, we have on offer specialized services to manage their export requirements as well.” The company, which was incorporated in 2009 is invested in its clientele ensuring that they are guaranteed the best service through excellent communication and dedicated customer service executives. The move into Kenya is also a strategic one for the company, which looks to expand its horizon to the other countries in the region. “Opening offices in Nairobi Kenya is quite strategic; Kenya is indeed the economic trade hub for the East and Central Africa region.  Logistically, Kenya has direct flights to all the countries in East and Central Africa; therefore, setting up office in Nairobi will allow us to offer superior services to our customers across the region,” said Maureen Kolenyo, Courierplus East & Central Africa, regional head The company offers several services including, Airfreight cargo services, logistics outsourcing, mailroom management operations, receiver pay services, warehousing and distribution. Equipped with a team of experts and technology driven processes, Courier Plus is able to provide these services with the utmost efficiency and effectiveness to its client.

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