Dress for yourself, never for others

BY TERRY MWANGI As much as we do not like to accept it, we all put stock of what other people think about what we wear.  This problem is very common in women and that’s just the way it is! Women have been known to dedicate their time to looking good. Sometimes we try so hard we loose the objective that we are dressing up for ourselves and not others. This is the reason why we stress ourselves over what to wear to that date or family gathering, which makes us find ourselves struggling with those uncomfortable heels or that super short skirt that we keep pulling down. Feeling restricted and miserable in uncomfortable outfits should never be the way to go Clothes should speak on your behalf. What you wear should say something about your personality and your values. If you go out of your way to impress others then you can easily be misconceived. Striving to dress in a way that made everyone in your social circle feel comfortable is setting oneself up to failure because it would mean sacrificing any hope of self expression. You should dress in a way that your body feels celebrated. Being comfortable with what you wear fuels positive emotions and brings in confidence.  It does not take the opinion of others for you to feel beautiful and good about yourself. There are times you will have to dress in a certain way because of social expectations e.g. in weddings or going to church, and you will actively choose to do so. Focus on your own desire and preference as much as you can and think less of people’s opinion whether you dress up or down. It is actually a privilege to be able to have a choice of what to wear because some people work in uniforms, others have limited budget, and others deal with a strict dress code! Just have fun expressing yourself, remember, it’s not your job to dress for peoples comfort!

Writer is Communications Manager at Kaymu

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