Echo International launches Kenyan subsidiary

Global ICT provider opens shop in Kenya, with a promise to help clients ‘seize new opportunities through selection and implementation of relevant technology’

BY Victor Adar

Global ICT solutions firm, Echo International, has launched into the Kenyan market, seeking to tap into the country’s vast ICT space. Working through its local subsidiary, Echo Kenya, the firm will offer cloud-based ICT solutions with a focus on building partnerships with corporates, enterprises, and multinational enterprises.

Through these partnerships, Echo will help its clients seize new opportunities through selection and implementation of the relevant technology to optimise their workforces and other resources in the now changing world of work.

In addition to connectivity and software-defined network solutions, the company’s customers will benefit from internet access, fibre, wireless, or Very-Small-Aperture-Terminal (VSAT) for remote areas; as well as managed multi-branch wide area network solutions across multiple territories. It will also provide flexible IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) and security offerings, enabling a smooth transition to cloud-based infrastructure for its clients. 

“Kenya continues to trailblaze in the adoption and application of technology solutions through a robust IT infrastructure and a progressive entrepreneurial population,” said Ken Munyi, Echo International Kenya’s managing director. “As you know, Kenya is in many ways, actually the doorway into the region, and into much of the continent. So we are starting here but it is a journey that we are starting and launching into other markets shortly.”

Mr Munyi noted that “Superwan” offering, a software-defined network solution that is particularly suited for businesses with multiple branches and offices, will create and enable shared resources. In a fast changing business environment, it is important to engage out of the box strategies.

“Our goal is to understand the evolving business landscape and its effect on our clients’ businesses and relevantly orchestrate solutions that generate for them a competitive advantage, enabling them to thrive in their respective sectors,” said Munyi.

As the market continues to evolve with businesses and customers largely connecting digitally, it is important for players to focus on what they do best, and come up with lasting solutions. Even before Covid-19 pandemic, experts say the expectation of the consumer had already shifted. No wonder investors are currently tactical, and are service driven.

“We don’t look at what we do as a product as such, or as a commodity. It is more of a service and it is a solution to a problem. So for me to solve your problem I need to sit with you, understand what that problem is and then be able to craft a solution which then I can deploy for you,” said Loren Bosch, Echo Kenya’s chief operations officer.

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