Fashion Guide in the face of El Nino

By Terry Mwangi The current heavy rains could easily cause one to throw away their fashion books and wrap themselves with anything that could keep them warm and dry. Who needs a good outfit when you are 100% sure your clothes will get soggy and dirty from the downpour and mucky roads? However depressing the weather is, it should never reflect in the clothes you wear. Clothes do not have to be boring and depressing. Adorning bright colors is a way of talking back to the rain, ‘telling the rain ‘you can’t put me down!’ Here is a quick guide from Kaymu to getting through the wet and soggy season in style. Protective hairstyles As much as we try to keep ourselves from the rain, we still get caught once in a while. This should be the best time to just give that relaxed hair a breather.  Avoid your hair from getting frizzy and lifeless. As protective as braids are, they are also very economical because they can last a whole month. When having a bad hair day, always go for hats or a scarf even to work. No one will ask a word. Footwear This is the most important aspect of the rainy season. Boots will get you through safe and sound and give you confidence to walk through puddles and mud. Rubber footwear should also be on your top list Waterproof bags Our bags contain precious possessions almost like it hold our world. Invest in patent leather, polyester or stylish plastic bags to avoid the hassle of getting everything wet. Opt for faux leather rather than denim, which will take hours to dry off in case you get caught in the rain. With leather, you can literally towel it dry incase you are rained on. Umbrellas A collapsible umbrella is very essential. Go for a bolder color and stand out in the rain Faux Fur Wearing fur feels like a warm hug. This is the only time you can wear fur confidently so rock on and don’t forget your trench coat.

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