Fashion Rules you should break

By Terry Mwangi If you have ever cheated in exams, stuck a chewing gum under a surface or even pocketed extra change from a matatu, then breaking fashion rules should be a walk in the park for you. Laws are made to be broken and when it comes to fashion, nothing is ever too serious. We abide by the rules because we have heard them one too many times. However, this does not mean you should put on a branded T-shirt to the office or wear leather pants when the sun is over the equator, rebel fashionably. Always remember that in this game of fashion, confidence is all that counts. Here are the five rules that you should break. They might be rules for now but trends in the next season. Kitenge is not just for ruracio People still find kitenge too formal for an everyday look. The truth is that with so many creative designs, kitenge can be modified into an everyday outfit that can even be worn to the office. Do not mix metals This is one rule once broken, you are guaranteed of spectacular results. Jewels of all tones piled in whichever way can look incredible together. One rule though, do not let one metal type dominate. Clutch bags are only for the evening If you are having a relaxed day and do not have much to carry, why not use a clutch bag? They are simple, modern and of course, easy to carry. Sneakers are only for the gym The comfort of wearing sneakers with a dress top or jeans is something you cannot trade for anything. Sneakers will look just as good on a date as they would in a stadium. Just ditch the stilettos for ones, you will love the comfort, you probably won’t go back to high heels. Do not mix prints As much as people will not approve, this will make you look daring, confident and fun. The most essential thing to remember when mixing prints is that the prints should have one colour in common, combine a large print with a small print and keep off mixing floral with stripes or polka.

Writer is Communications Manager at Kaymu

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