Football fans to benefit from Opera’s fresh browser mode

The company behind popular mobile browsers, Opera has unveiled a new browser mode for football fans. The reboot is expected to offer an in-depth football experience built right into the “data-saving” Opera Mini internet browser, enabling fans to follow action from around the globe without having to download an additional application. 

During the 2022 World Cup tournament, Opera introduced “Live Scores”, in which a scoreboard was installed right on the Opera Mini homepage so that fans did not have to jump to different sites to stay on top of the action, and thereby expend additional data. 

Today, Live Scores is set to receive an upgrade. No longer just a scoreboard, Live Scores 2.0 will provide a suite of features that will enable users to have the world of football at their fingertips, right from within Opera Mini.

To start, users will be able to customize their football experience by following their favorite teams and competitions. Over 8,000 teams will be available from around the world, including, of course, global favorites from the Premier League, Champions League, and beyond. Users can then track any game they like from a new Match List page. With a summary of kick-off times and live scores, users can follow multiple matches across numerous leagues at once.

And when fans want to know more about what’s going on in a particular match, they can now click to get a detailed picture of all the action. Users can toggle through the line-ups, read running commentary, and see match statistics to know who has scored, assisted, been booked, substituted – all the most pressing information, immediately available right in the Opera Mini Browser. Users can even join thousands of other fans in a running poll predicting what the result of the match will be.

A final feature of the rebooted Live Scores is Live Match Alerts, in which users can receive notifications for all matches involving their favorite teams. Additionally available for whichever matches that users might have interest in (an edition of El Clásico, for example), the alerts will keep fans updated regarding kickoff times, goals, red cards, penalties, and the full-time result. 

Opera has always been sensitive to what users want: what they love and enjoy. The company has long shared a passion for football with its users, and has brought football-focused products to the market such as the Apex Football app and website, which now has over 12 million monthly users.    

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