For the make-up lovers: Tips


The choice of makeup seems infinite today. But while some shades highlight our best features, others don’t let them shine. Such things depend on a number of different factors. NBM’s CYNTHIA WAIRIMU talked to Wanjiru Kanyanjua, a professional makeup artist for four years now and winner of Mashujaa Awards, Make-up artist of the year 2016/2017 and 2019/2020 on how to choose a foundation and what works for different skin types. 

Cynthia: How do I know what shade fits my skin?

Kanyanjua: To start with, people have different preferences when it comes to make up application. Some may prefer using brushes to beauty blenders, while others would rather full coverage foundation as compared to light coverage ones. When it comes to foundation choice, one needs to learn their face first. The key things to look out for are; Face tone (complexion) and skin type (oily or dry).

When choosing a foundation, try visiting a vendor that tests it on your skin first instead of taking a wild guess. Most make up outlets have a tester for each product.

Are there different types of foundation?

Foundations vary from light wear to full coverage and combination skin to matte. Light wear foundations are best for a daily routine; be it wearing to an office or hang out with friends. Full coverage foundations are best for pigmented skin. These may include acne, birthmark, or any other skin disease. The full coverage foundations cover the pigmentation completely giving a flawless look. But for some, it may feel too heavy for the skin. Matte foundations are best for oily skin while combination foundation/stick foundations are best for dry or medium faces.

Is there a product one can use to darken or lighten foundation? 

Once you buy a foundation that is darker than your skin tone, get a concealer that is lighter to even out the foundation and vice versa. Moreover, you can mix two foundations to achieve your skin tone. Just master how you measure the amount.

What is the meaning of undertones when it comes to skin? 

Skin undertone is the color underneath your skin. You may have the same skin color as someone but a different undertone. Undertones include; Cool (pink, red or bluish undertones), Warm (yellow, peach or golden undertones) and Neutral (a mix of cool and warm undertones)

How long should one wear foundation?  

It is advisable to wear foundation for at most 12hours, and then give the skin the rest 12 hours in a day to breathe. Some people have got allergic reactions to foundations, especially those with sensitive skin. When applying foundation, give it at least an hour to settle to see if you’ll develop any rashes or pimples.

What should one avoided when picking a foundation ? How about the best tool for applying a foundation?

Avoid those that contain Retinol, fragrance and petroleum distillates. These have adverse reaction to the skin.Foundation application has two methods, beauty blenders and brush. Using my experience, a damp beauty blender gives a more refined/ flawless look as compared to a brush. But as I said earlier, people have different preferences.

What tips might you have up your sleeve that can save a sister?

A tip for the makeup lovers, though I’m not quite sure if there are some household products that can be used to make a foundation, In case you’re out of foundation, you can mix your pressed powder with setting spray and apply evenly to your skin. Just spray some setting spray to your brush/beauty blender and dub some powder to your tool, then apply on your face.

What can you use in place of foundation during a desperate moment?

Some concealers can do the magic too in place of foundation. 

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