Getting maximum appeal from your property

Property viewing is a key element in any potential buyers’ decision process; there is never a second chance to make a first impression. Here, the property experts from RE/MAX offer some pointers for preparing your home to have maximum appeal to a prospective buyer. Gate – Work from the outside inwards. The gate is the first thing a potential tenant or buyer will see. It needs to be sturdy, secure and silent (no one likes a screeching hinge). Tidy up the guardhouse as well, perhaps a coat of paint will help. Driveway – Ensure drainage issues are not causing any flooding on the driveway and the paving is in good condition. Swimming Pool – If you are the proud owner of a pool, ensure the water is bright blue, clean and clear for the viewings. Clean outdoor furniture and spruce up the regular pool deck chairs with some bright cushions. Garden – This is a very critical aspect for potential buyers as a poorly kept garden implies mosquitoes and a lot of work. While it is important to always take care of your plants, do a little extra in the weeks prior to scheduled viewings. Keep them well watered, weed out unwanted plants and rake up leaves and cut the grass. Don’t you love the smell of freshly cut grass? Your prospective buyers will too! Bathrooms – Customers are more inclined to a property with a decent looking bathroom. This is another crucial element to address prior to holding a viewing. Inexpensive ways to aesthetically improve a bathroom include replacing old or broken toilet seats and mirrors, remove acid, rust and lime scale, cleaning tiles and fittings, and checking that all taps are working. Kitchen – The difference between a great showing and a good showing is usually the little things. Putting effort and thought into staging your home is an uncommon practice and there is room to use this powerful technique to sell even the most difficult of properties or even just increase its visibility on the property market.

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