Graft – Let everyone do their part

Corruption has hit an all time high in the country. The matter seems to be the biggest thorn in the flesh of President Kenyatta’s Jubilee Government, as it appears to have run out of both steam and innovation to deal with it. During the State House Summit on Governance, Anti-Corruption and Accountability last month, the President showed, through his frustration, just how much the issue has spiraled out of control. The blame game between top government agencies in the war against the vice did not help either. The public’s frustration with runway graft grows every sunrise. People want answers for these cases. They want those responsible to face the long arm of the law. In a move to try and calm the simmering anger, the Executive demanded for results, shifting the blame to the institutions and agencies in charge of the war on corruption. The buck however stops at the doorstep of the country’s CEO. Be that as it may, the institutions charged with the mandate of fighting corruption are in a slumber and need a big whip to star them into action. To make matters worse, instead of working with one another, the parties seem to be in a war with each other, spiraling a blame game that has undermined, big time, there very mandate. The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), Director of Public Prosecutions, Directorate of Criminal Investigations and the Judiciary have all come under the spotlight coming from the recent State House forum where each party childishly pointed fingers at each other. However, none of them was ready to take responsibility for failing to do their duties to their utmost best in order to give the public results. From investigation to prosecution, each institution has a role to play to rid the country of corruption. Instead of waging war on one another, the institutions need to work hand in hand in order to get results. The public is tired of being diverted from the real issues through summit dialogues that bear no fruits. The public wants results from the Government; it is the only way to ensure we have changed the current youth’s mentality that corruption is the only way to survive and prosper in the world.

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