It is starting to look like Christmas..!

BY TERRY MWANGI Well, it will be, as soon as jingle bells start to play. If you are keen on getting into the holiday mode, you will definitely need a good outfit to go along! Christmas means a calendar full of parties, family, good food and of course good clothes. Deciding what to wear to each event is definitely no small feat; here are few tips to get you by Focus on Fit No matter how good you really want to look during this season, good fit should be the number one priority. This is the most important factor to a successful outfit. Well fitting clothes will compliment your body while bad fits will draw attention to your problem areas. Ditch the Black Black will definitely not go out of style but you should now consider giving that little black dress a well-needed break. It is important to add some color and trigger the desired emotion, which is happiness in this case. Get the oranges, blues and reds out; all the colours that convey positivity, confidence, excitement and, of course love. Sparkle It is the season for glamour. You should sparkle your way through it. Put away your everyday denim and go completely berserk! Ever thought of a sequins skirt, a fur coat, velvet jumpsuit or pants with tribal prints? It’s about time you did. Consider the weather Freeze and shine is no longer sexy, in fact, it has never been. With the weather unpredictable as it is, make sure you throw on a sweater, scarf or a trench coat to keep warm. Hair and Make-up Polish up your look with a few special touches. Think red lips, high buns and bouncy hair. Aim to have a glowing skin by drinking more water and eating more veggies. Within your clothes lie the secret to looking and feeling good so this holiday season, only aim at dressing pretty. Only dress dull if you want to stay in a bad mood (which is close to impossible). Happy Holidays!

Writer is Fashion Manager, Jumia Market

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