Leading manufacturer opens doors in Tatu Industrial Park

Friendship Containers Manufacturing Ltd, East Africa’s leading producer of comprehensive metal packaging solutions, has launched a new production plant at Tatu Industrial Park.

The plant, which sits on a five-acre plot in the 5,000-acre Tatu City Special Economic Zone, produces a range of plain and decorated metal containers and closures for professional commodities and household consumables.

“Our new home in the Tatu City Special Economic Zone has not only given us ample space to expand our operations but also a business-friendly environment that facilitates local, regional and international trade,” said Arun Shah, managing director, Friendship.

Friendship has a proven track record of supplying high-quality goods to its customers all over East Africa for the last 43 years. 

“The demand for Tatu Industrial Park has never been stronger, thanks to our world-class infrastructure and a conducive trading environment,” said Tito Oduk, director, industrial operations, Tatu City. We are pleased to welcome Friendship to Tatu City and support their contribution to Kenya’s economic growth.”

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