Let peace prevail

By David Wanjala

In the past few months, Kenya has experienced one of its longest electioneering periods that has seen the economy almost come to a complete standstill. Since August 8, a lot has happened in the country, from the presidential elections being nullified by the Supreme Court to demonstrations happening all over the country.

In the midst of all these activities, a number of people ended up losing their lives in the fracas while many others incurred injuries. In addition to these fatalities, the economy also took a heavy blow as many businesses all over the country recorded few transactions because of the uncertainty the period created.

As things seem to be far from over, it is time for all Kenyans to practice peace above all in order to ensure that there will be no repeat of what happened after the 2007 elections. With tensions running high over the recent new presidential elections, it is important for Kenyans to stay calm so as to ensure that no one ends up losing their lives because of this election.

Even though it is the right of everyone to protest, there is need to ensure the protests do not end up being a cover for some to loot and vandalize other people’s property. On the other hand, despite the fact that the police should remain vigilant, they should also refrain from using excess force to restrain those who are only exercising their right to demonstrate.

There is also the need for peace and stability in order to allow businesses to go back to normal and do away with the uncertainty created for the sake of our economy. In practising peace, we shall help our crippling economy that the political stand off has only helped to worsen. Our economy is more important to us than our differences,and  therefore we should all ensure that whatever choices we make do not grind the economic wheel to a halt.

We are one people and Kenya is home to all of us. It is time we focused on ensuring that our differences do not end up destroying our beautiful country. May peace prevail in this difficult times and God bless Kenya. 

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