Mastercard partners with Zanzibar to onboard more people into digital economy

The partnership is expected to allow different sectors across the Zanzibar islands, including tourism, to digitize payments and help contribute to the country’s economic growth

Mastercard has joined hands with the Zanzibar e-Government Agency (eGAZ) to support and accelerate the country’s digital transformation journey and bring more people into Zanzibar’s digital economy.

The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), the first signed by Mastercard and which is aligned with Zanzibar’s digital transformation goals laid out in their Digital Economy Blueprint and Roadmap, took place at the launch of the Zanzibar Digital Government Strategy for 2023-2027, led by the President of Zanzibar Hussein Ali Mwinyi.

Under the three-year collaboration, Mastercard will provide technical assistance and expertise to support the Zanzibar government’s efforts in not only setting up a digital transformation team, but also collaborating with its payment portal dubbed “ZanMalipo” to enable digital payments, and the launching of two million government cards that will enable the masses to access better services and tourism.

“The collaboration is a testament to the profound impact of digitization and builds on Mastercard’s global experience in enabling digital transformation and demonstrating the value of fostering cross-sector collaboration, fuelling economic growth and facilitating financial and digital inclusion,” Mastercard country manager for East Africa Shehryar Ali, said.

The Zanzibar Digital Government Strategy’s main objective is to transform the country into a strong digital economy to secure digital systems, drive innovative information, communication and technology solutions and develop training for digital governance.

Mastercard solutions will include the Mastercard Payment Gateway Services (MPGS) which enables merchants to accept a wide range of payment methods, including mobile payments, credit cards, and e-wallets.

“We believe that by working with Mastercard, we can significantly accelerate the realization of our digital strategy and provide invaluable benefits to our citizens,” said Said Seif Said, managing director of eGAZ.

Said added that the development of a fast and secure digital infrastructure for the delivery of services to citizens, tourists and the business community remains Zanzibar’s immediate focus. 

Through the partnership, customers are expected to enjoy a more seamless, efficient, and inclusive digital environment.  

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