Milestone Games, SisterSpeaks donate Sh200,000 to charity

Milestone Games Ltd, which trades as SportPesa, has partnered with Heels4Pads, an internal initiative by the company’s employees dubbed “SisterSpeaks”, to donate sanitary towels worth Sh200,000.

The financial support is part of an internal initiative by SportPesa employees who have donated heels in the past month, worth thousands of shillings towards this initiative that batters the shoes in exchange for menstrual pads. The partnership, which is just one of many that SportPesa Foundation is supporting, will effectively help in distributing pads to 400 girls the next two school terms.

s“This initiative is driven by our staff,” said SportPesa Foundation’s project lead, Esther Matere. “We are grateful they came together to donate their shoes as part of supporting Heels4Pads. As SportPesa we are matching our staff donation and will look to continue partnering with this organisation as part of our larger agenda to support women’s health across the country.”

Milestone SportPesa Foundation’s lead Esther Matere and brand ambassador Fatma Zarika present a Sh200,000 cheque and shoes donated by staff to Heels4pads.

SisterSpeaks is a Kenyan-founded organization that runs various programs to address women’s issues including working towards reducing period poverty with its Heels4Pads initiative. Under this project, ladies donate their high heels in support of purchasing pads that are then distributed to young underprivileged women in various areas across the country.

“Heels4Pads has a two-fold agenda where we capitalize on the growing power of digital media and innovation to deconstruct myths around menses through campaigns. We also advocate for policy change and conduct social experiments and campaigns while trading high heels with sanitary pads. For many women, high heels are a confidence booster and we leverage this to fundraise. Often women have many pairs of shoes, some of which they don’t wear and are willing to donate for the cause,” said one of the founders, Ms. Angela Waweru.

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