Octagon feted for efforts in the digitization of retirement savings

Octagon Africa has received an award in the digital transformation category for being a Top 100 mid-sized company for the year 2022 in recognition of its efforts in the digitization of retirement savings.

The award comes at a time when the firm continues to adopt a digital-first mindset to improve business processes, streamline operations, and drive greater product adoption and shareholder value, in line with its 2020-2024 strategic plan.

“We have seen the benefits of investing in digital transformation as happy customers become loyal customers who become cheerleaders for our business and share positive experiences with their networks,” said Octagon Africa Group CEO Fred Waswa.

“Through digital transformation, we have seen increased trust and confidence in our services, easier access to information of our products and services, overall customer experience through the automation process for our customers and higher employee productivity at work due to better internal processes,” he added.

Octagon Africa representatives GM-marketing, business and product development Davis Ongiro, brand and communications officer Elizabeth Wanja, commercial director Florence Muchiri and Group CEO Fred Waswa (second right) pose for a photo with Habib Bank CEO Asim Basharullah during the 2022 Kenya Top 100 Mid-Sized Companies Award Gala in Nairobi.

Octagon, a company with over Sh100 billion in funds under its administration, has heavily invested in technology with Mobikeza, a micro-pension saving solution aimed at encouraging more pension savings from the informal sector, which was feted in the 2020 World Pension Summit Innovation Awards, being implemented across Kenya, Uganda and Zambia. The firm has also been previously recognised in the Top 100 Club in 2018 and 2019.

“To deliver value to our members, we collaborate with trustees, custodians and fund managers to increase our service delivery with a vision of achieving real-time on-boarding of customers, deposits, statement requests and end-to-end online benefits for the online withdrawal process,” said Waswa.

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