It’s rare to see a woman without a handbag.  It is something that every woman carries with her. Whether going to a picnic, shopping or to a party, a handbag is like a friend that goes everywhere and most women feel incomplete without them.  

Handbags are symbols of a women’s taste. Not long ago they were considered to be accessories meant to compliment and match an outfit. However, handbags are now fashion statements that are available in a range of colours, styles designs and shapes. 

Handbags are beautiful and practical accessories that are highly desired. Women can carry a lot of stuff in handbags from mobile phones, clothes, sun glasses, notebooks, diary, snacks, umbrella, and practically anything that can fit in them. For married women with kids a handbag can be used to store diapers or even milk bottles.  This makes carrying a handbag highly important for a woman.


Because handbags are important, fashion designers are focusing on creating handbags that are good on women as well as those that are attractive and eye-catching.

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