Protecting your computer from threats

People have been losing out to issues to do with the internet. Most of the victims are likely individuals, corporate companies or government bodies that are slow at upgrading software. It is no wonder that some vulnerabilities are caused by lack of public knowledge, such as not knowing that the termination of support for a browser can harm a computer. The top most common mistakes that leave people dismayed when it is already too late include; failing to enforce configuration, not enforcing password policies, not educating users, leaving network open to human error, and insecurely storing data. You can upgrade your browser to lower the rate of threats. There are many different available to chose from but the below account for over 90% of browsers in use today. Google Chrome – a browser from Google, Mozilla Firefox – it is free and made to help users get the most out of the web, Safari – a browser for Mac (or iMac) from Apple, Opera – also a free browser, Microsoft Edge – free from Microsoft, Internet Explorer – also free from Microsoft. For most Internet users, browser is the window to the Web. You use it to navigate to Web sites, and it displays those sites for you, allowing you to follow links and explore everything the web has to offer. A browser will notify you when an update is available. And you can check on updates manually by clicking the “Check for Updates” button if you need. With automatic updates and notifications, keeping your Internet browser up to date has never been easier, so you should always have the latest security fixes and features for your favorite browser. Users are prone to viruses because they, or the companies they work for are too “super busy” to update their browsers. But because issues related to not doing so (updating) are secret and are usually unknown, costs which would have been avoided are incurred. When an update for Safari is available, for example, you’ll get an “App Updates Available” notification. This will take you to the app store, where you can update all the software with available updates, including Safari. You can also check for Safari updates by looking at the “Software Updates” list from the operating system’s Apple menu. Failing to protect your computers from threats might lead to bad things happening; like your computer crushing.

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