Securex banks on tech systems in 50-year growth phase

Regional security solutions provider Securex has confirmed plans to roll out advanced technology-based risk management systems as part of its business growth plans.

The firm, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year is banking on technological solutions as a growth pillar for both home and business security clients.

Speaking when he confirmed the kick-off of a series of events to mark the firm’s 50th anniversary, Securex Group CEO Tony Sahni said security systems had become an essential need for all risk-conscious corporate and individual clients.

The firm, he said, is investing more than $1m (Sh108.5m) in the rollout of its technology systems to complement its established physical security credentials. The firm has already secured key partnership agreements with some of the world’s leading security solutions providers.

“As we celebrate our 50th Anniversary, we are pleased to announce that we continue to invest heavily to meet growing risk management demands in the regional market. Our investments include the active deployment of advanced technology systems to mitigate various home and business risks while complementing our physical security capacity,” Tony said.

Conscious of the contemporary security needs the company has invested in the delivery of technology-based security systems including automated access control, closed circuit television surveillance systems, electric fencing solutions, explosive detectors, fire safety systems, and fleet management solutions. “We also have speciality products such as our Security Mobile App which offers security on the move. We have also recently introduced remote monitoring solutions for businesses that want extra coverage,” he added.

Founded in 1970 by a former Police Officer Mr Kishori Lal Sahni, Securex, a Kenyan security firm, has enjoyed steady growth and today provides quality security services to leading enterprises, diplomatic agencies and discerning individual clients in Kenya and Uganda.

“Our 50-year journey has been one of growth and innovation. We have developed a brand that is trusted by many, and we have put in the work and time, to get to where we are. As we mark our golden jubilee, I am delighted to see what we have achieved and eagerly look forward to a more promising future, as we work to increase the safety of the East African region and beyond,” said Securex Chairman and Founder, Kishori Lal Sahni.

Securex has over 6000 uniformed and non-uniformed staff. As a company built on strong family values, Securex has put in measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their team as stipulated by the Government and health authorities in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Looking forward, in line with the Securex belief on going the extra mile for their clients, Securex has committed to being more innovative as it seeks to safeguard the life of ordinary Kenyans.

“We exist today because of our trusted customers. We have plans to continue boosting the security sector and to elevate the safety status of Kenya. We are delighted to see advancements in the sector, such as the formation of the Crime Journalist Association of Kenya, which seeks to promote quality Journalism and enhance accountability,” added Mr Tony Sahni.

The Kenya 2020 Crime and Safety Report indicates that the greatest threats in Kenya include road safety and crime, violent and, sometimes, fatal criminal attacks, including home invasions, burglaries, armed carjacking, and kidnappings. Securex is providing vast products and services to curb these dangers. According to the Chairman, Securex is capable and prepared to issue solutions to curb these threats. 

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