Tall girls style guide

BY TERRY MWANGI As much as height comes with a lot of giraffe related nicknames, it really isn’t a bad thing. The only struggle that comes with it is dressing up where all the tops you try on are crop-tops, the shirts are not long enough to fit your wrist and you can’t seem to find jeans long enough to go beyond your ankle. Here is a brief guide that will arm you with knowledge about what clothes work best for you. Heels Never try shrinking yourself into oblivion by avoiding heels. Ignore everyone that tells you to stop wearing them. While flats are nice and comfy, you will still be the tallest person in the room. Why don’t you just take the risk, flaunt that height and tower over everyone with confidence. If you are not into the 6-inch hype, go for the lower heels options with just the same amount of sass .The wedge should be an essential part of your wardrobe as it is the most comfortable. You also have the chunky heel option, which adds more balance when walking. Skinny Jeans Skinny Jeans should be your best friend; they look amazing on long legs. Learn to play up with the hem if the pants are not long enough. The best way to pull off skinny jeans is by learning your body type. Are you an hourglass, pear or a rectangle? Your body type will have a lot to do with what defines a good fitting pair of jeans. Maxi dresses/skirts These were pretty much made for tall ladies. They are versatile and have a laid back feel which makes it all worth the try. Just make sure the maxi dress/skirt is the right length. A maxi that does not go beyond the ankle is a no-no as well as one that sweeps the floor because it can cause a tripping hazard. Waist definition blazers This is enviably chic! The blazer will create a balance in your body so your body does not look endlessly up and down. Just make sure you roll up your sleeves if they appear short. You are a tower and just like the Eiffel tower, you are incredibly attractive and hard not to look at! Dress well, experiment and look good always. The sky is the limit!

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