Tanzania to host ‘high impact’ conference on economic recovery in East and central Africa

Alternative and sustainable investments high on the agenda as East and Central African institutional investors convene in Zanzibar for ‘high impact dialogue’ on economic recovery and development in the region.

Zanzibar is set to host the East and Central Africa institutional investors forum to push the development agenda of the region. 

Themed “rethinking investment returns in the new normal, investing for impact”, the conference is scheduled for February 22 and 23, and will feature special workshops aimed at improving investment decision making.

Tanzania has been selected as the host country for this event because it demonstrates high-growth, has put in place various incentives to promote investment, and is a politically stable country.

According to the Tanzania Investment Centre, there are at least nine lucrative sectors that offer investment opportunities in the country, namely; Agriculture, Livestock, Manufacturing, Economic Infrastructure, Mining, Tourism, Health & Education, ICT and Aquaculture Development.

MNCapital Group, a South Africa-based, and Africa-focused investment communications firm synonymous with convening investment conferences, particularly for the large market actors, is the convener of the conference. 

The firm’s Group chief executive officer, Michael Ndinisa, says that the conference will present immense opportunities for institutional investors to uncover new investment opportunities, and will not only achieve desired return on investment, but also generate social impact.

“In the post-pandemic world, local, provincial and national governments across the world are intensifying their economic recovery and development efforts in order to significantly reduce socio-economic challenges that may or may not have been caused by the recent global pandemic, but have been exacerbated as a result,” says Mr Ndinisa.

He also reiterates the need for collective efforts from both the public and the private sector, and states that it calls for policy amendments (where applicable) to ensure ease of doing business in an effort to attract private-sector involvement in economic recovery strategies.

Those participating under the speaker category, he adds, will present professional perspective on topics of their choice, in line with the conference theme.

“We call upon interested sponsors, delegates and industry players to work with us and make this a success,” says Ndinisa.

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