The new fad waiting to trend


Dearies beloved! Despite the pandemic that is Covid-19, 2020 has proved that people will get creative and innovative despite the challenge to give up and crawl into a ball of fear and doubt. 

There is indeed a new trend, not so new if we get technical, coloured eyelashes have been around a good couple of years, but it is now just becoming trendy. Will it stay or will it fade away? That depends. I must, however, say, this one might pick for a year or two tops. As we are still on it though, let us discuss why people are suddenly painting their lashes in rainbow colours!

According to celebrity lash expert and founder of Envious Lashes, Clementina Richardson, “The benefit of getting coloured lashes is that they are designed to enhance your natural eye colour and shape even more than traditional lash extensions. Coloured lashes also help you express your individuality, the subtle pops of colour creates a flirtier, sexy appearance. Purple, for example, makes green eyes appear much more intense and also works well on brown eyes to create the illusion of bigger eyes.” 

So, if you are looking to enhance your eye colour then pairing them with the right colour will get you some very popping effect. This trend is also picking up locally with all manner of colours, pink, green, yellow, blue. I am, however, yet to see them on the streets. So far, they are popular for photo shoots and videos. Probably it is the curfew that has held it back from hitting the ground to popular hangout spots and events that bring out fun-loving crowds. 

To get a pair of these, you can choose to apply mascara of your colour of choice, you can have them applied by a professional such as Clementina above, or you can crop yourself some falsies, fake lashes, or extensions of choice from beauty shops and online stores. 

As we get creative and embrace our artistic nature, let us remember to keep safe; wear protective masks while outside, sanitize often, wash your hands with soap every chance you get, avoid touching your face while out, avoid unnecessary contact with items and people, keep your hands to yourself. If you need to cough, walk away, face away and clean up right after. All this shall pass after all.   

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