What It Takes by Stephen A. Schwarzman 


The book focuses on “What it takes” to build great organizations that can stand the test of time. It highlights the unquestionable role of culture when it comes to building an exceptional organization, according to Stephen A. Schwarzman, the author and founder of BlackStone. 

Mr. Schwarzman strongly believes in protecting the organizational culture by always hiring talent. He says that great talent will perform, and will end up hiring more talent, thereby contributing to a great culture. 

He also advocates for compelling traits, and answers the “why” – he is doing that by offering growth mindset and self actualisation ideas that will certainly shape up an individual. He believes the bigger the why, the more driven in one’s ambitions one becomes. It could be family, a matter of national interest, or any other compelling reason beyond ourselves. 

Lastly, Schwarzman says failure has its integral role in success. To him, it is more important to learn to talk openly about failures and pick the lessons. A great read for any aspiring entrepreneur or organization seeking to identify opportunities and work out action steps to help accelerate growth. 

Ms. King’ara is a communications associate at Cytonn Investments

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