Why you should raid your grandma’s Closet.

By Terry Mwangi If you are blessed enough to still have your grandparents around or you have beautiful memories of them, you know that these are the most wonderful people in our lives. The comfort of their home, their advice, their sense of humour and food is just amazing even as is priceless. What about their sense of style? Ok, I am pretty sure that their current style cannot tickle your fancy but have you ever tried going through their old clothes? This is like going through a never-ending treasure of vintage prints, feminine lace and pussycat bows. If styled right, these pieces can end up looking completely modern and glamorous. Brooches Best way to add a final touch to an outfit is by adding a brooch. You most probably won’t find a pure gold or silver brooch in your granny’s wardrobe but you will sure find a good and unique design that will be way better. Most granny’s used this stylish accessories to hold together dresses but you can pin it on the jacket, hats or even dress up a boring bag. Print dresses From floral, checked, polka dots, hounds tooth to paisley, our granny’s used to wear them all. Most of the dresses would need alterations but it would be worth it. Coats Your granny must have a fur coat stashed away in her wardrobe. You also won’t miss something tweed or velvet, take it and run with it. These are things you can wear for ages and pass down your children Leather bags It’s very expensive to buy an original leather bag these days but you are guaranteed that granny has one. Grandpa’s used to carry the satchel and granny would swing a sling bag on her shoulders. I am pretty sure they no longer use them so put this in your list. Head Scarves This you will get in plenty, scarves to wrap around your head, neck or to tie on your bag. You will find all colours of the rainbow and patterns.  They are versatile and chic and they will add unexpected pattern to your outfit. So make sure to borrow, if not steal. There is no reason why you cannot adapt to granny’s timeless style but it will all come down to how you style it. Make it Modern and Chic. It will be harder to get all this items If your granny is a hoarder but just promise her Internet lessons and she will be good to go. There is definitely more to Grandma’s than wise words, warm hugs and good food!

Writer is Communications Manager at Kaymu

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