Construction of Nairobi-Mombasa Highway to take five years

The construction of the proposed Mombasa – Nairobi (A8) expressway project by Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) could take five years to complete and work will commence upon completion of studies, designs, negotiation, and closure of all financing arrangements.

KeNHA indicates that the contract for construction of the highway has not yet been awarded to any entity. The scope of work and source of financing will also be determined once all studies and the necessary arrangements are concluded.

“At this stage it is not possible to estimate the cost of the project until the designs are complete and agreed upon to guide of cost estimates,” KeNHA corporate communication department told Nairobi Business Monthly magazine via email.

Mombasa – Nairobi expressway

On when the contract was awarded to Korean Overseas Infrastructure and Urban Development Corporation Africa, the agency said the government will ensure that companies vying for a piece of the pie conform with all the requirements.

Besides Bechtel, a company that was dropped because it was still working on its best PPP structure for the project, KeNHA noted that a US based capital investment company, Everstrong Capital, has expressed interest in developing the corridor in partnership with Bechtel.

“The Korean Overseas Infrastructure and Development Corporation (KIND) has presented a pre-feasibility study report for development of the highway based on a PPP model. The report was presented on July 29, 2022. The firm is open to submit a Privately Initiated Investment Proposal (PIIP) in line with the requirements under PPP Act, 2021,” KeNHA said.

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