Do You Share Make Up?

BY TERRY MWANGI Does sharing makeup in the bathroom mirror when getting ready for a night out sound familiar? If your answer to that is in the affirmative, then you might as well have shared germs! This is scary, I know. But dermatologists have advised that you can share your dreams and ambitions with friends but your make up should be selfishly guarded.  Make up brushes, containers and eye pencils carry weeks’ or months’ worth of bacteria, which is transferred from one person to the other exposing one to serious health risks. To avoid all the infections that come around with this, here are 5 products that you should never ever swap. Think about it this way, if you never share your towel or toothbrush, why share make up? Make up sponges This is like dusting someone’s germs all over your face!  A sponge is made up of very porous material, which makes it easy breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Eye and skin Infections can easily be spread through sharing this beauty product. The sponges and brushes should be washed with warm water weekly and let dry completely to kill bacteria. If you really don’t know how to say no to people borrowing your make up, always buy an extra pack and carry it in your purse wherever you go. Lipstick and glosses Sharing anything that touches the lips might spread contagious germs and infections because the mouth is a playground for bacteria. The infections may be as bad as oral herpes! So however good your friend’s lipstick looks, do not borrow. Razors This can’t be emphasized enough. Anything that can nick and draw blood and bodily fluids should never be shared. A small nick could easily spread Hepatitis B and other infections including HIV in extreme rare cases. Eyeliner The eyelids are a very easy entry point for bacteria. Bacteria that cause eye infections can live on your eyelids for weeks before infection shows so avoid infection by not sharing the eyeliner at all.

Writer is Communications Officer at Kaymu

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